Friday, 26 August 2011

Operation CCIE

Hey People...

Been a bit i blogged. Apparently i have a life so i don't blog everyday. Been in hibernation for 3 months since i came back to Nigeria from the UK. Yep, 3 months. Feels like its been just 3 weeks. Many have been asking if i was Nigerians and bad belle. For the record, no i wasn't deported. Will be bouncing down to India in a few days. The Land of Kebab, Garlic and the Worlds funniest accent.

Right from when i was 15, i predicted 2011 as the year ill become a CCIE and as i was packing my bags and getting ready, i found the book i wrote it in....CCIE & a Bsc in 2011....Ive achieved one, just the second one.

Probably one of the most respected certifications worldwide alongside the PMP which i own (Yes im a badass), it will definitely not be a walkover like all the others. I will be going over to Asia with my partner in Crime and Deputy geek, Tope (My Lil Bro) to do what few people have done.

Been doing pre reading and scheming over the reading list these past few days and t-shoot has just been an arse. Bloody hard.

Over the next few days, weeks and months all in no particular order, i will be adding posts on here about the road to the CCIE....not just for your pleasure but for your input and suggestions on any bumps along the way.

I will be taking the CCNA, CCNP and CCIE in that order all over the technologies i trained on are mostly outdated so beginners in Networking can even follow along....So yeah...Join me as i slay this behemoth :D

Laters :D

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Libya.....Musings of an Outsider

On the 3rd of March, i got a phone call, from a former Libyan school mate. The tone of the voice pulsated, and i could sense pent up anger, inner grief and a sense of betrayal. The +21 number set off my favorite ringtone, but the voice behind the phone was that of a down beat and angry man.

I was fearful at first, as i had thought the worst for my friend, but the tone of the voice and attached to it clouded my relief that he was safe. On hearing what he had to say about the crisis in Libya, i sat down with a clear mind and reviewed all the information i had about the Libya crisis.

It is very easy to criticise Ghadaffi, this being because of a terrorist funding and various other misdemeanors during his tenure as president. He has a very poor PR team, and also falls short in fulfilling his human right obligations.
That aside, lets ask ourselves 4 questions:

1. If Ghadaffis government was that bad, why did Britain still do business with him and Blair have such a good relationship?
2. Why did the prestigious London School of Economics recieve grants from his government?
3. Why was David Cameron so particular about the no fly zone? Protecting British Petroleum interests?
4. Why are the war mongers (USA) not involved

The most dammning thing is, the action of the United Nations is to protect civillians. Are the rebels armed with ammunition still civillians? Who armed them?
What evidence is there of civillians being killed? The only pictures on CNN involve rebels, none with military personnel backed by Ghadaffi. I might be wrong, but there is a lot of propaganda going on.

I am not in anyway condoning authoritarian governments and dictatorships, but we should not be blind to the evils of the western world. Iraq and Afghanistan are very sore and fresh reminders.......

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I sat down on this day and thought about my life so far. I have what many people wish for. A good education, a long CV, won awards, gone to conferences, and bearing the title of MR FIX IT. Funny thing is, I still feel empty. There is a bottomless pit inside of me.

From time as a child, i have been subjective, and i have been a fan of sisyphean optimism. I have believed in the impossible, refuting the logic of basing the future solely on the past as inherently flawed.

These ideals brought to where i am today. In my quest for knowledge,fame and stardom, i have let my human relationships become hindered. I have let the people i love slip from my grasp. So many friends and none.

For the next few months i am embarking on a journey....a soul searching...What do i want from life? Money? Women?...Nothing can fill my heart with joy than a good relationship with my Father, Jehovah.

I wish i had a Mr fixit..but none seems to suffice.

This is not supposed to be some tub-thumping antithesis suggesting i have had brain damage. Its just another memoir....of a Man on a Journey....

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Project Robot !!!!!!!!!!!!

I made up my mind that i had to become the full time geek i was in 2006 when i was a hardcore Physicist. Changed my final year project to Artificial Intelligence. Yupp. I am crazy. Robotics Developer Studio, C Programming, and my hardware, i am gonna do something different. Not a website, not a database and not a ridiculous game. A robot! You heard me! :D

Problem now is WHERE THE HELL WILL I START?! How does this crap work? Gotten a big table, some hardcore Nescafe Coffee, and a lifetime supply of red bull to sort this out.

On a lighter note... I finally decided to take a break from conferences so nothing up my sleeves for now. Ill just take it slow.....real slow.... YEAH BABY!!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Strange feeling..

Due to my background and genetic make up...i have been the over ambitious achiever. My thoughts clouded by making my peeps proud and becoming something in the future. I met ''someone'' very recently and this unwelcome feeling has arisen in my innards. The opposite gender have never been of any serious importance in my life full of anxiety and competition but it seems that the inexplicable unimportance attached to them is beginning to change. I do not know what love is...but might i be foolishly falling into the path that destroyed great men like Samson and King Solomon?

I am wondering if i am in my senses messing with words and tenses...but one thing is for sure that this feeling has to be banished to the deepest parts of hell before i plunge deeper into the path of no return.

Memoirs.......of a maverick...

Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Journey Continues.....The Story So Far....

From time as a student of Igbobi College Yaba I have been bullish academically. I won the Lagos state debate competition for my school and came out as the overall best student in the science challenge contest organized by the Lion of Judah. I was the Chief debater for my College and an Executive member of the Junior Engineers Society and the Chief Debater of the Literary Society. I went ahead and compeered with Dayo Adeneye of Primetime Entertainment at the Teenage Festival of Life. My poetry was also rated as a 3 star finalist in the Voices Net Poetry Contest. As a student of the prestigious NIIT I graduated coming out with the coveted EXCELLENT rating. I graduated from college as the best student in Languages and IT which influenced my choice of study. I had 2 distinctions in my O levels and was also class prefect for 3 years .I have combined socializing and academics very successfully.

As an Eco Student representative, i have the duty to make sure my peers are aware of the implications of their ‘’not green’’ actions and instead of preaching hell and an apocalypse i provide incentives of going green.

I attended the Powershift conference, and gave a wonderful speech with improved my self confidence and also won me accolades.
I gained admission to the University of Worcester and awarded a 2000 pound scholarship based on my academic excellence. This was the beginning of my journey in Worcester

I have the talent of public speaking which is evident in the contests i have won as a debater. Spending a mere 6 months at my University I was made Chair of the debate society and Chief Debater. I will be leading my University in 2 major competitions namely the Microsoft Imagine Cup and the John Smith mace.
From the 15th to 19th of March, I was at the 13th World Business Dialogue in Cologne , Germany. 300 students were selected from a highly competitive pool of students around the globe. I was sponsored by the organizers thanks to my resume which has been beefed up by extracurricular activities and work experience I had gathered from the University and my home country Nigeria. The visa was sorted out by the organizers with the International office stepping in to sponsor my visa application, and the University, my travel to and from London.
What is the World Business Dialogue? For the past 13 years, with the conference attracting top speakers like Bill Gates ( Microsoft Founder ) , Bloomberg ( Mayor of New York ),German Minister of Economics, Vice President of the European Parliament, and many others, students , the leaders of tomorrow are given the opportunity to ‘’dialogue’’ and seek answers to what the future holds.
There were panels with various issues being dealt with, and also keynotes. Workshops of smaller groups also held, of which I was the Table Host, a task I got a lot of positive feedback for and was recommended by the organizers for future conferences.
This year some of the speakers were :
Dr. Frank Appel
Chief Executive Officer
Deutsche Post AG

Manuela Better
Chief Risk Officer
Hypo Real Estate Holding AG

Dr. Eckhard Cordes
Chief Executive Officer
Metro Group

Dr. Roch Doliveux
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Viren Doshi
Senior Partner
Booz & Company

Prof. Dr. Federico Foders
Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Frederick Benedict Irwin
The American Chamber of Commerce in Germany e.V.

Friedrich Joussen
Chief Executive Officer
Vodafone Germany AG

Dr. Silvana Koch-Mehrin
Vice President
European Parliament

Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher
Club of Rome

Frank Riemensperger
Managing Director Austria, Switzerland and Germany
Accenture GmbH
300 of the sharpest minds from the best Universities across the globe, from Harvard, Yale, MIT and many other top guns, I had the opportunity to sit amongst them and speak. I took part in the dialogue and made many contacts.
I was recently made a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Ambassador in the United Kingdom, which involves talking to students in secondary schools about science as a whole.

We (Worcester Debate Union) organized a conference called the Envisioning 2020 conference which has been the buzz for a few months. It was a HUGE success.
I am also attending the Harvard HPAIR Conference!

This year I will be attending conferences in Taiwan, Argentina and the United States. The essence is to broaden my vision, re model my thinking, and spread the name of the University of Worcester far and wide.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Back to England

My time in germany at the world business dialogue was a lifetime experience. Met the sharpest minds from across the globe and made some good contacts. The next step is replicating what has happened for the university of Worcester . We are hosting a conference in 5 weeks!!! alright!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Visa Sorted

With what seemed like forever...i got my schengen visa 2 days before travel....pheww!!! GERMANY!!! HERE I COME!.....and yeah ill bamboozle(if there is a word like that) facebook with shit loads of photos. Over the next few days ill be annoying cos of regular posts...just gotta soak it...:D

Thursday, 11 March 2010


The month of march has been a disaster......2 bad attacked by some random dude for NO reason....what the hell????....the only positive so far has been the selection for the education uk filming....and the world business dialogue...sitting at work sipping my can of tango n wondering what will have happened if i died when i was calls for a turn around...i hope....ill uodate this blog more regularly over the next few days to keep u updated on the world business dialogue...cheers..:D

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Mad ass thursday

2 lectures....and work...what a day!!...Systems Analysis class was scary but was not as bad as i envisaged...hmmm...but the Nature of computing i was expecting to breeze through was nothing close to it...building pcs from silicon?? crap!!..some sick simulators and flowchart looking monstrosities....not a good idea at all...waiting for my shift at work to be house tmrw!!yay!!!.....

Few more weeks and Germany here i come!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Since last month!!

Missed blogging already!! Guess i am not a religious blogger afterall. Not much has been done anyway...went to see a friend on back monday night..Having issues on making my mind up on what pc's to buy...and i need to get a new house before sunday...007 style...crazy innit? 4 meeting tmrw at uni...debate society and worcester award meetings...gna be a LONG day tmrw...cos im booked from 9 till 9....:O....ah rushing this post cos im off to bed....**snooze**

PS :Do not disturb!

Saturday, 30 January 2010


Couldnt sleep last night thanks to my trouble with mac pc and active directory..pfff...went for field service this morning (preaching) in line with the bible book matthew which says...preach this good news of the back by 12...slept for an hr and now im at work...literally dozing at work again..cant wait for it to be over...on the plus side...i spent quality time with my mentor and guardian John...talked a lot and gained a lot..Sometimes, we never know who our real friends are, but one sure fire way to have an idea is to look for the one who sticks by you thru thick and thin and gives you thr truth as it is..i might use this time at work to go further in my self with coffee..

PS: saw a 500 quid tm lewin buy...or not to buy???? Time will tell....might be able to afford it when im 100 :(

Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday Afternoon

Today was a mixed grill....After a good night, i woke up in the afternoon smiling....and got a phone call that my flight to cologne has been booked!! Yeah! Also got a very disheartening offline from madame...guess it aint continuing anymore...well all good things come to an end:(...The debate society is gonna kick off big time this year....big plans....many contests to win...starting a journal for the uni..hopefully it goes well...average day really...ah i come...:D...i miss ya mariam....really do...and i miss my family loads...:(...emotions over...BACK TO WORK!!!!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Some tasty thursday...

Not closed my eyes since yesterday...nope i was not studying..i just could not sleep..too many things in this little mind of mine to sleep...Got a resounding A in Networks totalling a B...not bad at all looking at the HARDWORK (ironically) i put in...At work filling in this blog....cant wait to get home and sleep like a babe...the big question is can i?

PS: Saving up for my IPAD!!!...and my BB storm II sucks donkey ****....not giving the functionality my N810 gives me...waste of cash???time will tell...

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

First Blog Ever...

First time blogging, and sincerely hoping its worth it....(It has to be). Got in from work a few mins ago after concluding my independent study research....have to learn to finish it...**YAWN**...its been a lovely day...chelsea trashing birmingham ipad mum calling me...1 thing dint go too well tho...IM HUNGRY!!!!!!